For any business, there is no better protection against unforeseen costs and expensive litigation than the help of an experienced lawyer. A bad contract or a poorly handled lawsuit could result in catastrophic financial losses.

Attorney Jason L. Abelove has more than 25 years of experience representing businesses in commercial transactions and litigation. From the primary office in Garden City, the Law Offices of Jason L. Abelove PC has earned a reputation for exceptional commercial representation throughout New York.

Business Transactions

Contracts and transactions are at the heart of any successful business. Attorney Jason L. Abelove represents local businesses in all types of commercial transactions, including:

  • Contracts: The Law Offices of Jason L. Abelove PC helps businesses draft and review various contractual agreements, including real estate contracts, vendor agreements, and construction contracts.

  • Employment agreements: The firm handles an array of employment agreements, from the basic employment contracts to executive packages, noncompete clauses, and complex commission and benefits packages.

  • Vendor agreements: When work is farmed out or other companies are contracted to provide internal resources, these agreements are critical. Because there is a high risk of confusion and disputes, however, the agreements must be drafted carefully.

The Law Offices of Jason L. Abelove PC provides sound legal counsel and negotiating services in transactional agreements for New York businesses. Experienced counsel and careful contract drafting can protect your company from expensive litigation and costly oversights.

Business Litigation

The Law Offices of Jason L. Abelove PC represents New York businesses in a full spectrum of litigation matters. The firm handles intellectual property claims, employment claims, vendor disputes, construction disputes and other disputes that businesses face every day.

Efficient, Personalized Service for New York Businesses

There is no one-size-fits-all legal solution for any business. The Law Offices of Jason L. Abelove PC understands this and is committed to providing personalized service. By taking the time to understand your unique goals and your situation, attorney Abelove can provide uniquely tailored legal solutions and efficient results.

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