Starting a business and running it successfully can be very fulfilling. Developing your enterprise, though, comes with frustrations that threaten to undo everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Legal obstacles often stand between you and making your business the best it can be. Whether it involves a breach of contract, a partnership dispute, or accusations of unfair business practices, any kind of issue can stop you and your business from flourishing.

Common Business Litigation Concerns in Long Island

As a business owner, you may be involved in a lawsuit at one point or another. It’s an inevitable part of the challenges you face as an entrepreneur. For more than two decades, our team at the Law Offices of Jason L. Abelove PC has handled commercial litigation cases for clients throughout Long Island and the rest of New York. We’ve earned a stellar reputation in Garden City for our willingness to stand up for the little guy and our commitment to doing the right thing, both in and out of the courtroom. We advocate for clients involved in a variety of business concerns, including: 

  • Breach of contract

  • Unfair competition

  • Unfair business practices

  • Partnership disputes

  • Business divorces

  • Business torts

When problems like these arise, we’ll be there to provide you with the counsel you need. Our extensive experience in business law allows us to fight on your behalf for the outcome you deserve. Ultimately, this is about helping you regain the peace of mind and the joy that comes from running a successful business.



Breach of Contract

At the Law Offices of Jason L. Abelove PC, we often litigate breaches of contract. You know full well that contracts are vital to the successful operation and growth of your business. When one or more parties fail to hold up their end of an agreement, a breach of contract may arise.

Not only do breaches of contract cause you stress as a business owner, but they also cause you to waste valuable time and energy that you could have been using to meet your personal and professional goals. Schedule a free consultation with us today to start getting back on track. We’ll review the different kinds of contract breaches, including minor breaches, material breaches, anticipatory breaches, and more. Allow us to advocate for you and your business. 

Business Divorces

If you and your business partner are entangled in conflict, you might consider a business divorce. This involves severing the partnership through the dissolution of the entity through which you and your partner do business. 

You may feel as though a business divorce is the best path forward. If so, let us take some of the weight off your shoulders. You shouldn’t have to navigate the complexities of this process alone. We’ll strive to protect your best interests during this frustrating time.

Non-Compete Agreements

As a business owner, you want to ensure that any trade secrets vital to your business, such as a proprietary piece of software or even a list of clients, don’t fall into the hands of a competitor. If you have a former employee who uses your trade secrets to establish a competing enterprise, you may quickly find your business in jeopardy. This is why drafting a non-compete agreement for all of your employees to sign can be such an impactful decision for your business.

Creating enforceable non-compete agreements is far from a straightforward process. Having the guidance and input of a knowledgeable business law attorney in Garden City can make all the difference in your case. With so much on the line, you deserve nothing less.


Don’t let a lawsuit stop your company from thriving. No matter where you are on your business journey, we are ready to advocate for your rights. If you’re dealing with a breach of contract, tortious interference, partnership dispute, or anything else, contact us to schedule a free one-on-one consultation. We proudly serve Long Island, Westbury, Nassau County, and all of New York.