Attorney Defends Long Island Businesses Against Sexual Harassment Claims

New York Employment Lawyer Protects Your Organization

Under federal law, workers are entitled to a workplace free from illegal harassment and discrimination. For this reason, they are allowed to bring sexual harassment claims against businesses. Unfortunately, many of these claims are unfounded or exaggerated. Garden City employers need protection against false or overblown accusations.

Attorney Jason L. Abelove takes these claims seriously and has the experience to protect your business.

Understanding New York Sexual Harassment Claims

Workplace sexual harassment is prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This law applies to nearly any organization with 15 or more employees. The law protects against two specific types of sexual harassment, known as “hostile work environment” and “quid pro quo.” Attorney Abelove works to defend your organization against claims of both types.

New York Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

These claims allege either an offer or a threat made in an attempt to get an employee to perform a sexual act. In some cases, a promotion may be offered in exchange for sex. In other cases, there may be a threat of dismissal or a change in working conditions unless the employee engages in such an act. As your lawyer, attorney Abelove will use all possible evidence to defend your Garden City business against a quid pro quo claim.

Garden City Hostile Work Environment Claims

This type of claim arises out of behavior by co-workers or supervisors, which is intimidating, hostile, or offensive. Constant lewd comments and repeated unwanted sexual advances fit into this category of claim, as does the exhibition of sexual content in the workplace. Attorney Abelove can help your business demonstrate that this behavior did not exist or that supervisors had no reason to know of its existence.

Defending Against All Harassment Claims

A skilled lawyer can defend your business against harassment claims by showing that the accuser cannot substantiate every legal element of their claim. In order to hold a business liable, a worker must prove that:

  • The behavior must have been pervasive, offensive, and unwelcome.

  • The employer did not take swift action to fix the problem.

  • The employer must have had actual or constructive knowledge of the behavior.

Attorney Abelove understands how to present a strong defense against each of these factors.

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